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Extensive exchange bowl program!

Hydro test marine exchange bowl

At the heart of the machine a driving centrifugal force is working to provide your engines with pure and clean lube or fuel oil.

To ensure your separators will always stay up and running, we offer an extensive range of exchange bowls for Westfalia and Alfa Laval which are balanced in our workshop, hydro tested and ready for dispatch at any time!

The range of bowls varies from OTA, OTB, OSA, OSB, OSC, OSD, OSE and OSF type bowls, through MAB, P- and S- type bowls.

Please feel free to visit https://ketmarine.nl/separator-bowls/ for more information.

About us

We exploit our activities in the dynamic markets of the maritime and power generation industry. Since the founding in 1985, the main objective for KET Marine has always been to provide clients with reliable, high quality spare parts and service solutions for oil separators at a competitive price.


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