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Are you coming into the port and in need of separator bowls, spare parts or service? We’ll have our spare parts and/or engineers quay side in no-time. We’ll go the distance to get you whatever you need wherever you need it! Get in touch with us for our complete engineering & service solutions.

Compatibility for different GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval Marine Separator Spare Parts

Since the founding of the company in 1985, KET Marine has developed an extensive range of OEM and Genuine quality spare parts that are suitable for GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval marine separators.

Throughout the course of the company’s development, our spare parts program has grown to an extent that has resulted in a stock amount of over 20.000 different types of spare parts that are compatible with all current GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval type separators.

Defining the quality

As mentioned the preferential sources we use in order to build up an maintain our marine spare parts program are defined as follows:

  • OEM: 70% of the marine spare parts for GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval separators are directly sourced with the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Buying direct from the makers source allows for a very consisten level of quality assurance whilst also enjoying a competitive advantage in terms of pricing and availability!
  • Genuine: 15% of the marine spare parts for GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval separators are directly sourced with the Maker. By definition there are several parts throughout the scope of our program that can only be obtained through GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval. In order to support the consistency of the general quality level of our program we therefore maintain good relationships with the Makers as well.
  • Independent Private Label: 15 % of our parts also come from independent producers that supply parts that are perfect replacements for non critical components. Defined by our own 33 years of experience, the feedback we get from our much appreciated customers and the progress made by new and innovative companies, alternative solutions for certain components within our program can offer a level of improvement and added value throughout.

The aim we have with the general scope of our supply is to provide our customers with the best alternative solution when it comes to obtaining separator spare parts that are truly identical and compatible to the makers program. 

About us

We exploit our activities in the dynamic markets of the maritime and power generation industry. Since the founding in 1985, the main objective for KET Marine has always been to provide clients with reliable, high quality spare parts and service solutions for oil separators at a competitive price.


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